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یک پوسته ی فروشگاهی کامل و حرفه ای بهمراه آموزش با کلی امکانات و ویژگی های تک برای سیستم فروشگاهی مگنتو

We present one of the most powerful templates based on Magento CMS. We have worked hard to give you the opportunity to make a template the most suitable for your needs. Manage the settings of the powerful Mega Menu, pages, galleries, and other items that are necessary for proper functioning of the site. We also added a premium version of the Z-Slider plugin and great LivIcons, that are included in the template’s price. Have a look at dozens of other useful features by scrolling the page down.

ورژن : 1.1.8

قیمت : 356,000 ریال

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